The Pony Club

Spooners & West Dartmoor Pony Club 


The Spooners & West Dartmoor Branch of the Pony Club was established in 1967 in Area 16 and currently has 60 members covering an area around Plymouth and Tavistock, and as far north as Postbridge.  In addition to the main club, Spooners have a thriving sub-section dedicated to under 8’s called the Lone Rangers.  The Lone Ranger actvities are specifically tailored to cater for even our smallest members, some of whom start at the age of 3!


As a member of our Pony Club we want you to appreciate and enjoy your pony with like-minded people and hopefully make new friendships on the way.


Get involved - If you would like further information about Spooners and West Dartmoor Pony Club please follow this link to their website: