Puppy Show 2020

Spooners Puppy Show Report 2020
A very successful Puppy Show was held at the Kennels on the last Sunday in August. The weather was perfect and hounds showed themselves well for the judges and the assembled socially distanced crowd.  The Judges were Edward Knowles MFH and Mr James Fagan. 
A big thank you must go To Avril and Alida for organizing the tea and refreshment under the stringent conditions imposed by Covid, which required extra planning and work.
Doghounds      Walked by
1st Hunter        The Easterbrook Family
2nd Inuit           Katherine Kent
3rd Inward        Julie Vivian
4th Invert          Arlen Morrell-Davies
1st Hurtle         Jane Scott
2nd Hungry      Pippa Morrell-Davies
3rd Hurry          Judith Webster
4th Humid        Delilah Smith
Hunter was awarded overall champion.
Mafia walked by
Verity Nicholls
was Best Entered Doghound from last season and Martha walked by Tina Smith was Best Entered Bitch.
The Puppy Show was followed by the annual Hound Sponsorship Auction. Fifteen hounds were auctioned raising a grand total in excess of £1800. Thank you to all our generous sponsors. Last year's winner in the Sponsorship stakes was Toddy sponsored by Olivia tatton Brown who will receive the £340 prize.
A special thank you must go to all the puppy walkers, who ensure that these hounds are given the best possible start and are well adjusted and ready for their working lives once they return to kennels. This years entry are no exception and showed themselves to be very confident at the puppy show over the weekend.