Puppy Show 2019

On Saturday July 6th 2019 Spooners & West Dartmoor Foxhounds hosted it annual Puppy Show at the Kennels. A big thanks and well done must go to our hosts Mr Andrew Smth MFH and Morgan Sidebottom and also to Judith Webster and Elliot Holder- the Kennels were extremely well polished for the Puppy Show and hounds looked to be summering well in the glorious Devon sunshine.

Thank you to both of our Judges who took charge of proceedings and had the tough job of deciding the winners - Mr W Breyer MFH & Mr P Osborne MFH. Many thanks also to our fabulous Hunt Supporters team for ensuring we were all very well fed and watered after the judging and auction had finished. Thank you of course to all of our supporters who were able to join us for the afternoon, it was lovely to see so many faces.

But the biggest thanks and well done of the afternoon goes to all of our wonderful puppy walkers - without whom we would not have had such a fantastic and well rounded young entry of hounds for 2019. Despite the heat, they all stood out and bounded around the puppy show ring looking healthy and happy. Thank you puppy walkers.


Puppy Show Results:



1st - Driver (walked by Ms J Webster)
2nd - Maximus (walked by Miss E Froy)
3rd - Mafia (walked by Ms V Nicholls)




1st - Cadbury (walked by Miss M Sidebottom & Miss D Smith)
2nd - Martha (walked by Mr & Mrs Smith)
3rd - Candy (walked by Miss M Sidebottom & Miss D Smith)


Champion Hound - Cadbury (walked by Miss M Sidebottom & Miss D Smith)

Best Working Hound - Galahad (walked by Mrs S Newbold)

Best Hound 2018-19 Season - Ringman (sponsored by Diddy Randle)


Congratulations to all the winners